1. rbonk907

    Hi Mary, I love the art pieces you chose for this post. All three paintings seem to complement one another, and I agree with your element analysis. Each painting seems to predominately use tone to create form and color to create mood. Beautiful works!

    1. Mary Farnstrom

      Thank you! I had to do all three because I ended up finding all three of them consecutively by (happy) accident!

  2. Allie Taberski

    Hi Mary! I enjoyed reading your post as it was beautifully organizied and detailed. You pointed out the elements in each work of art precisely and explained them in detail. My favorite work that you chose to discuss is the barn owl. I have always been a lover of owls. I really like how you described the texture in the barn owl painting and how it makes you want to touch it; I feel the same way! Overall, your blog is aesthetically pleasing, beautifully put together, and informational.


    1. Mary Farnstrom

      Thank you very much Allie! I have always loved owls as well, they’re floofy, cute, and yet oh-so-majestic!

  3. Jennifer Tusten

    Mary, I love the texture you found in the White Owl. I think that’s really cool.

    1. Mary Farnstrom

      Thank you Jennifer! I sincerely appreciate your comment!

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