The Death of Marat (1793) by Jacques-Louis David
  1. personumber3

    In the second one, La Prise de la Bastille, I really like how the line art and the water painting work together. It kind of makes it feel like its from a fantasy novel.

    I know you said you wouldn’t want to own to own it because it reminds you how humans can never seem to get along, but I would want to own it. I really like art of war or discord when the author slips in acts of goodness as well. When I look at the painting, I know that the man being dragged away, de Launay, tried to give himself up to save his subordinates. It reminds me that people in terrible situations can still, even in those circumstances, be incredibly selfless. I find this very hopeful.

    The pieces you chose had a very strong connection with your theme, and the order you put them in was great since it made your analysis of each piece fit into and illustrate the framework of the overarching events.

    Your analysis was very interesting and informative, really well done!

  2. Alicia Ewan

    I always love checking your page out You give so much depth and information in all that you post. It is outstanding. My favorite picture is the portrait of Marie Antoinette. I like the colors and how it all blends together. It is crazy how a picture can say a thousand words, and this picture seems to represent that well.

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