Splashing in Puddles
April 7, 2020

News: April 07, 2020

Kicking off April with a new Dead Author Dedication, this month’s subject is Bram Stoker, author of the renowned Dracula and many other novels. Next up I wrote another piece highlighting a short horror film by ALTER, where I gave details of the kind of…
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Woman in a Field
February 5, 2020

When to Cast… and When Not to

When it comes to casting spells, there can sometimes be confusion as to whether or not it is the appropriate course of action. Of course, there is a spell for everything, from quitting smoking, to landing that great job that you really want--but when is…
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Hands Covered in Blood
January 29, 2020

Blood Magic: What is it really?

Blood Magic–the very utterance is something that may bring to mind sacrificial rites that showcase most occult-themed horror movies, where there are either animal sacrifices, virgin sacrifices, or some type of deadly deal with the devil or cut-throat demons. Typically, the story ends badly for…
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Witch Pouring Over Her Book
January 29, 2020

Magic or Fantasy?

There is what seems like a fine line between real witchcraft and fantasy witchcraft--for example, the difference between Harry Potter and real witchcraft... which many beginners may not realize, is not so much of a fine line, but a huge break in reality. Sometimes newcomers…
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Mysterious Book
January 8, 2020

What is a Book of Shadows?

A Book of Shadows (BOS), or a Grimoire is a way for a a witch to keep track of their craft. More than that, it is essentially a journal of everything that a witch has learned, thinks is important, and spells that they have cast…
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