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Desire can swell as large as mountains and are just as difficult to break down.

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Robert’s Torment

This particular poem is dedicated to my boyfriend, as a candy addict, this spoke to his soul. Robert couldn’t stop thinking about the candyIn its colorful and sticky sweet form,“Now if only it could be infused with brandy!” He worked for evenings, to make brandy candyTo toil and moil became his new norm,Robert couldn’t stop […]

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Bitterness of Love

                                                        Despondent, sorrow, dejectionLethargy rules her, never to be more than a foul memory                                             Resentful, indignant, wrathfulDebauchery pities the foolish heart, now hardening                                            Bitter, incensed, seethingBarging into the home, chasing then changing                          Misled, perverted, gas-litShe’s starving for truth my darling The forward motion, glorifiedNever grasped it, smart thingNow she drowns, infatuated

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The Barfly

The life of a barfly isn’t glamorous, nor is it a life that most people would choose. Some people are just driven to that lifestyle and once entangled are hard-pressed to remove themselves. Enter Freddy and his true Alaskan story.

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