Spellwork: Heal Your Heart (after break-up)



When relationships end, it often leaves one or both parties feeling heartbroken, so an important step in the recovery process of a failed relationship is self-care and healing. Whether your partnership was tumultuous or simply fizzled out, you could be feeling as if you can’t move on from what you could have had.



This is a customized spell-casting service to help you move on from a failed relationship; determined to help you in your journey of self-awareness and inner-healing, I will help you clear away negativity and squash self-doubt. The result will allow you to reclaim yourself, find healing, and move on to live an authentic and empowered life.


Materials used in this service:

  • Candles (2)
  • Herbs (determined by your needs)
  • Galdrastafir—Icelandic magical staves (sigils) to manifest your spell.


Included in this service:

  • Two hours (of my time) dedicated to manifesting your results.
  • An incantation for manifesting the results (digital delivery)
  • Photographs of spell before, during, and after being cast, for your reassurance.


Please read carefully—This is a service provided virtually, digital documents will be produced, but nothing physical will be shipped when purchased.



PLEASE NOTE—Normal time for spells to manifest are between 2-3 weeks

—BUT the time it takes for a spell to manifest will vary for everyone.



To ensure that this spell has the best chance of working thoroughly and quickly, please fill out the form below upon purchase. Within the message field, please give me a description of your relationship, how it ended, and how its termination that has caused you to feel.



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