Group Healing Candle Altar Service



Group Altar Service for HEALING work—in this group altar service there is an emphasis on manifesting health in all its forms, whether that be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Whether you want to heal old wounds, traumas, broken relationships, or just want good health in general.


If you would like to be included—or would like this service performed for someone else of your choosing—please remember to include your petition or prayer for the week in the form provided at check out. The name of the person the service is for is required, but birthdates and zodiac signs are optional for accuracy. The name of the person the service is for will be carved into the spell candle to represent them. All of the petitions received will be included in the group prayer service with candles that are blessed and dressed for HEALING work.


This group service is performed every Sunday evening for all of my clients. Mondays are associated with healing, intuition, psychic abilities, and women’s health (but this healing service is open to everyone).


Your order must be placed by 4 pm EST on Monday in order to be included in the weekly group service. If you place your order after 4 pm then it will be included in the group service the following week.


For more background information on what kinds of magic correspond to each day of the week, please check out this article.


Please be advised that you will not receive an emailed report of this service and it is NOT shipped to you, but pictures of the service will be uploaded to my social media accounts for those who are interested.



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