News: April 21, 2020

I’ve researched a lot of folklore this week and am really excited to show you what I’ve been researching and writing about; first is a dead author dedication segment that features the inspiration that Bram Stoker had for Van Helsing. Next up, I dove into the trend that has risen in Indonesia for volunteers roaming the streets as the pocong, a ghost trapped in the realm of the living who is waiting to be released. Then I spoke at length about the Necronomicon and the Evil Dead franchise and finally wrapped the week up with a look at the fairy tale behind Hansel and Gretel and the interesting adaptation that Gretel & Hansel (2020) pulled off.

April 15, 2020

This week, for the third installment of our Dead Author Dedication in honor of Bram Stoker. We’re going to be discussing one of his characters who doesn’t get quite as much attention as the vampire king Dracula but is still a character that blossomed beyond the original story by Stoker. The mysteriously knowledgeable and most famous vampire hunter, Dracula’s nemesis, Abraham Van Helsing. [Read More…]

April 17, 2020

Horror culture in Indonesia seems to be sparking interest around the world these days–with nothing but news about the global pandemic, they gave us an interesting view into a culturally relevant practice that they’ve started. The village of Kepuh on Java Island in Indonesia has been using a figure in their horror culture to scare people into adhering to social distancing guidelines. The pocong have been appearing randomly, as volunteers have been taking to the streets dressed in a burial shroud in an effort to encourage people to go home after evening prayers. [Read More…]

April 18, 2020

After Lovecraft introduced The Necronomicon (1927), it traveled far and wide within horror-lore and culture. This book has now been used in horror franchises over the last forty years; in the very spirit in which it was created, it has appeared with the interest of expanding upon a universe that develops something truly ancient and terrifying. Less than a week ago we discussed the origins of The Necronomicon as well as investigated whether or not the book had any basis in reality and we were surprised to find what we did. [Read More…]

April 21, 2020

Folklore has an extended history of portraying witches as evil, human-sacrificing, child-eating monsters–and for with all of the religious turmoil and economic insecurity that these stories sprang from it’s no wonder. Hansel and Gretel are no different, in fact, it may be the most telling story of them all; for the real evil lies not within the woods, but in the home from which Hansel and Gretel are inevitably turned out. [Read More…]