News: March 17, 2020

Another installment of the Dead Author Dedication for Lovecraft this week, where I wrote about the literary works he completed within his lifetime–this also got me heavily into reading pulp magazines which were popular at the time. After Lovecraft, I discussed how the human race is genetically engineered to have a deeply seated fear of the dark and a horror film short by ALTER. I finished this week off with a third chapter of Anna, where she finds the root of the zombie controversy in Louisiana. Check out Puzzle Box Horror to see what we’ve been bringing to the horror table!

March 13, 2020

H.P. Lovecraft was an underrated author of his time, not really gaining a following until long after his passing, during which time he gained a cult following. His writing has inspired generations of writers both in the fictional horror and science-fiction sub-genres, and he was inspired by the greatest minds that preceded him. The worlds that he imagined have been given of life of their own, although there is an unfortunate lack of movies and other media that have expanded upon his work in order to bring more entertainment to those that follow the horror genre. [Read More…]

March 14, 2020

Fear of the dark is often instigated during a person’s childhood and often causes severe symptoms of anxiety and depression–in some cases, this fear becomes a phobia, then causes an excessive and irrational impact on daily life. Nyctophobia most often starts as a childhood fear that is considered a normal part of development, but studies have shown that this is often more of a fear of a lack of visual stimuli and not the dark itself. So it’s not necessarily the dark–it’s what you can’t see in the dark–and the fears or anxieties that normally accompany a fear of the dark are the things that are normally associated with what cannot be seen. Ghosts, monsters, strange noises go hand in hand with what can be hanging around, unseen, in the darkest corners of the house and this is often paired with the anxiety of being or sleeping alone. Stressful or traumatic events, such as accidents or loss of a loved one tend to develop such phobias in the lives of people who might not otherwise fear things that are believed to be more dangerous. Overprotective or overanxious caregivers may also propagate fears, due to a guardian’s unwillingness to allow their children to experience the world at their own pace. [Read More…]

March 17, 2020

It was a nice walk from the corner store to the cemetery she had marked on her map, it was so alien to see grass that was still green this time of year, and the sun beat down through the thick humid air. She reminded herself to not get used to the length of the days down in the lower forty-eight, it would just make her miss the sun that much more when she got home. Walking through what felt like were ancient relics dedicated to days of luxury, she noticed many of the tombs she was passing by were in various states of decay. The lavish stonework had gone through years of disrepair, been devastated by vandals in some places, but there was still a certain beauty to it. Moss grew heavy on the older monuments to the dead as if the tragically forgotten were being reclaimed by the earth. She found the tomb when she stumbled upon it, quite literally, as her foot caught on a rough edge that stuck out just-so underneath the bedraggled grass that lined the trodden pathway. [Read More…]