Suit of Swords

This suit relates to the element of Air, as is depicted as a battle sword, knives, athames, scythes, axes, or spears. This suit symbolizes rational thinking, logic, analysis, communication, and the power of the mind. The characters or people in the suit of swords cards are warriors, scholars, sages, teachers, and or seekers; which are all serious individuals who pursue the answers to life’s greats questions. Sometimes the images reveal suffering or strife, indicating the struggle to transform experience into knowledge. When this suit appears in a reading, it usually means that mental or verbal activity is a priority. Perhaps you’re thinking too much, worrying and over-analyzing a situation, or may need to use your head to examine an issue more rationally. This suit also reminds us communication may benefit you now, and to use logic and discrimination to cut through a murky or clouded situation.