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Indie Horror: Scare Me (2020) & Make Cool Sh!t

Let’s talk indie horror. I had a chance to talk to Josh Ruben (Scare Me) and Aaron Kheifets (Make Cool Sh!t) about their experiences with the filmmaking process and what it’s like to be human in the entertainment industry.

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The Early 20th Century: The Age of Anxiety

It’s quite interesting to think that the first half of the twentieth century dealt with, at length, the same issues that persist today, even if they are presently not as violently represented. If we’re to be honest, the Age of Anxiety has not even begun to come to a close—the perpetual darkness of inhumanity, those […]

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Romantic Perspectives and Preferences

There is something to be said about the swiftness in which trends affect the culture of everything—political unrest, as we saw in the last art analyzation brought artists together in a common theme. The stylized commentary made upon the state of the world around us is not unique to art, it is especially not unique […]

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News: September 25, 2020

Another late news update, this is what I had happening between August 26 to September 25—and let me tell you, I definitely didn’t have a break! So, if you’ve been wondering what the Unhinged Alaskan has been up to, then wonder no more, you can find everything that I’ve been writing about here in this […]

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Analyzing the Visual Elements of Art

This week we’re going to explore the visual aspects of artwork in its many elements, whether that be line, shape, tone, color, pattern, texture, or form. I was tasked with finding artwork that resonated with me, presenting my opinion of the pieces, and analyzing the elements that appeared throughout the works in an effort to explain what made the pieces so special. So, without stalling any further, I present to you three lovely works of art that

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