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As the head author, editor, and co-partner at Puzzle Box Horror I quite often have my plate full. Here you’ll find all of my most recently published work, side projects, and news about what I’m up to.

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Indie Horror: Scare Me (2020) & Make Cool Sh!t

Let’s talk indie horror. I had a chance to talk to Josh Ruben (Scare Me) and Aaron Kheifets (Make Cool Sh!t) about their experiences with the filmmaking process and what it’s like to be human in the entertainment industry.

The Surreal Movement Among Communist Mexican Artists

The Surrealism movement didn’t really take over the Mexican art world until the late 1930s, as Hitler’s power grew it became more and more evident that Europe was heading into another war and many progressive artists feared for their lives—some escaped to New York, others went south to Mexico. Join me as I explore Mexican Surrealism.

Soutine Street (2001) by Samuel Bak
Soutine Street (2001) by Samuel Bak

The Lasting Effects of War on the World’s Perspectives

The Lasting Effects of War on the World’s Perspectives In this installment of Explorations in Art, my selection of artists is a little eclectic, but that was done intentionally. I wanted to show the audacity of expression through different perspectives. The rippling effects of World War II through the eyes of artists who are both […]

The Struggle III: Assassination (1969) by Jacob Lawrence
The Struggle III: Assassination (1969) by Jacob Lawrence

The Early 20th Century: The Age of Anxiety

It’s quite interesting to think that the first half of the twentieth century dealt with, at length, the same issues that persist today, even if they are presently not as violently represented. If we’re to be honest, the Age of Anxiety has not even begun to come to a close—the perpetual darkness of inhumanity, those […]


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