1. Lisa Kljaich

    Your dinosaur shading exercise is creative and wonderful. I know what you mean about wanting to give to the art community. Since lock down I have been offering my services to the ukulele community. I do a Friday Night Jam and Open Mic that has been well received. Folks from all over the world have joined in.

    1. Mary Farnstrom

      Thank you Lisa! That’s awesome, I’ve always admired the ukulele! I’d love to be able to hear you play some day.

  2. Tyson Strong

    Love everything you have done!!

    1. Mary Farnstrom

      You’re just trying to butter me up, Tyson. Love you, doll!

  3. Alicia Ewan

    I love the shading picture, so creative. I also love what you have done with the page and all that you have added to it so far. I look forward to seeing what the semester brings with your blog.

    1. Mary Farnstrom

      Thank you so much!

  4. Leigh

    I love your blog so much, it looks great! I really enjoyed the artwork you shared as well.

    1. Mary Farnstrom

      Thank you Leigh!

  5. Winter Grasso

    Hi Mary, I’m pretty sure we have Creative Writing together as well. Although I grew up in Alaska, I also lived in California for a while and had similar feelings about it. Your writing is very eloquent and I’m excited to get your take on art!

    1. Mary Farnstrom

      Yes we do! I just went back and commented on your first week’s assignment. Your writing eloquent as well! I’m glad we have these two classes together, I’m sure we could give each other some great feedback!

  6. personumber3

    Wow, the Zebra is really good! And just overall this (blog, artwork, …) is so cool!

    1. Mary Farnstrom

      Thank you! It took a long time to do!

  7. McBRachel

    If you’d ever consider submitting some of your work for publication, Dixie State University has an online literary journal and is currently open for submissions.

    You can check us out at https://www.r7review.com/. The deadline to submit this year is November 6th.

    We are in dire need of fiction and nonfiction submissions like this. We also accept memoirs, audio recordings, visual art, book reviews, multimedia (video/audio), photography, etc.

    1. Mary Farnstrom

      Thank you, I’ll definitely be looking into it. I have a couple of unpublished stories that I was considering publishing soon, so this might be the right fit.